The Lich Queen tried summoning the Godslayer. She was thwarted.
Spiders tried to eat everyone in Khorvaire. They were squished.
A meteor of hellfire wyrms fell, but they didn’t fly far.
Now, the Exortania and the elder demon Vritra are summoning the Tarrasque to extinguish all life on a continent.

You’ve met several other adventuring parties in the world
The Diamond Onyx
The Expedias
The Keelhaulers
The Red Fist

Several groups and organizations have hired and/or opposed you
The Dark Six
The Chamber
The Emerald Claw
The Blood of the Vol
House Tarkanan

Dragonmarked Houses and individuals have crossed your path
House Cannith

You found a lair!
Eberron Seal

Useful links:
Rules for Cresa
Rules for Divine Cresa
Wealth gains per level
Order of seals breaking, entrances, and templates
Divine rank 0
Starting stats
Epic Level Advancement
Q and A with the Tarrasque
spellcasting groups helping fight the Tarrasque