GDL Eberron

9May12 Adventure

Courtin' in the Kitchen

After aging a few years to fey for entertainment for the Fairy Court (and going blind to a Nymph), the PCs explore the dance hall (several giant interconnected flowers) of Fairy King Oberon. Content Not Found: Pip_’s rendered mute and _Content Not Found: Thea is blind, so the dragons sit outside the portal while the adventurers do their good deeds.

The Aberrants meet several fey, learning a few tidbits of the Fairy Region and about [[:Fairy King Oberon]], who is wearing the Thelanis seal; a fine golden necklace. After unsuccessfully attempting to bluff their way into his presence, Content Not Found: Kryatos breaks in, and tells the King the epic tale of the Tarrasque and how he’s involved with saving the world. The rest of the PCs are invited in, where they meet Oberon’s progeny, including the [[:Princess Anp]] and her heir to the throne brother.

The Content Not Found: vampiric-axiomatic-swordsage-goblin is also present, and remembers many of the PCs, vowing to kill them all some day. Today, however, he’s here to ensure the seal doesn’t break in the PCs favor. King Thelanis is cognizant about his jewelry, but seems nonchalant.

As the night progresses, Content Not Found: Freya determines the evening’s meal is poisoned, and positions everyone she likes (or almost everyone) to seats where they won’t suffer too ill of effect of black fly venom. Shen drinks excessive amounts of Yak’s Milk Brandy. The Fairy King did too, apparently, and fell dead to the poison and the seal began to prematurely slough off. [[:Vampiric Axiomatic Swordsage Goblin]] and the PCs scramble for the seal, with the PCs having a hearty edge and a Wall of Force. Freya Miracles Oberon to life, and heals the other guests of their poison.

Content Not Found: Nirra_ met another catfolk, who is a student of Content Not Found: Findelas_, a Manifest Spellshaper. Content Not Found: Kryatos began his courtship of the fairy [[:Princess Anp]]. [[:Vampiric Axiomatic Swordsage Goblin]] escaped via planeshift.



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