GDL Eberron


The colors. The colors.

Kryatos teleported into the dragon golem room, and all the PCs fought against the contraptions while the eldrich machine attempted to create a new golem. Freya pulled a green key of mystic power out of the machine, making all the arms drop limp.
The Aberrants backtracked, but wound up in a room littered with bones and tools, including a skull of a beholder. They animated into several long boneyards, which reanimated into larger undead as soon as they fell. From there,
The PCs went through the rainbow gas room, failed to pass through a red veil, but teleported from the poisonous room through a green veil and into an antechamber with statues of spellcasters and a dried up fountain.
We ended as the PCs teleported to a new destination where the sky shines in half the room and footprints float in midair next to suspended rocks.



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