Astiel Champion to House Vol

Astiel Stormshard Champion to House Vol; an Elvin spell-sword frozen in time.


Astiel was born to the Stormshard family in the year of the Jackal, (He was born -1893 YK. Essentially 1,893 years before the Galifer calender was created) with least dragon-mark of death. His parents willingly gave him up to house Vol to be raised to eventually be a warrior in service of house Vol. There was rumor that his conception was done in a Necromantic rite to increase the likelihood of bearing the dragon-mark upon birth, but Astiel never learned the truth of this.

As part of his training he made a pact with a spirit at age 16 to have it eternally guide him. The spirit’s name was Zion, and it agreed to guide and protect Astiel. In return Zion was allowed to come to this world and stay for as long as Astiel lived. While it was both invisible and intangible many people commented that they would see a shadow on Astiel’s shoulder out of the corner of their eye, but when they looked directly it was gone.

At age 27 his dragon-mark grew and consequentially Astiel was subject to even more harsh training to make him a housecarl to a member of house Vol.

At age 84 the dragon-mark grew again and he was then sent to one of the Lords of house Vol for study.

At age 92 in order to keep his family line in tact, as per the Stormshard family tradition, he picked a wife from the lower cast and birthed his first child (A boy named Garrik). Being that the Stormshard family had a long history of serving as warriors, and still wanting to keep their family line in tact over the ages, it was tradition that each male would have a child before they could step foot onto the battlefield. Their wives were usually picked from the lower cast and promised a life of stability as the Stormshards had a comfortable life financially; all if they would devote their life to raising the child.

At age 102 he developed the Siberys dragon-mark of death and was set to be the next champion of House Vol.

After twelve years of training under the current champion Astiel’s inauguration was finally upon him. All he had to do was to kill the current champion in direct combat to prove his worth. (As there can only be one champion to the house.) After doing so he took his place as the Champion to House Vol at the early age of 114.

Shortly thereafter he had a daughter (named Winter).

In the following years Astiel was assigned to guard certain high ranking members of House Vol against their political enemies.

Late one autumn night a small band of stealthy assassins were sent to assassinate Lady Mara Vol. After taking heavy casualties and making it most of the way through the manor the assassins broke into Lady Mara’s boudoir. There lady’s doppelganger double (Tia) was being protected by Astiel and a few other warriors. After a bloody battle Tia was running out of spells and plane shifted with Astiel to Khybeer. (SP?) Astiel was set to guard Tia as she rested to regain her spells. As she slept they were set upon by the two remaining assassins. Astiel managed to kill one of them, and fatally wound the other before he was the unfortunate target of a Flesh to Stone spell. Astiel had to watch as the final assassin murdered lady Mara Vol’s double before bleeding to death; the whole time Astiel’s body slowly turned to stone.

Even though many years had passed since Astiel was set in stone it seemed like seconds from when the stone finally solidified until it started to crack and fall off. Astiel could sense a form standing in front of him, but could not see him. As the stone was flaking off his body the person spoke. I’m Viren Icarus d’Lyrandar. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.” Astiel flinched as the man put bandages on Astiel’s Eyes to grant him his sight again.

Astiel found his sword and affixed it to his back as he spoke; “I thank you good sir; you may call me Astiel. May I inquire as to why you hath aided me?”

Viren leaned on one of the other statues in the area and knocked on the statue’s chest. “I know a natural statue when I see one. I was a sculptor in my youth. Tell me, what year is it?”

“Why tis the year of the rabbit. I say; this realm looks changed from whence I saw it last.” Astiel looked around at all of the statues in the vicinity that were not present when he was entombed, and that the bodies he had seen before were nowhere to be found.

Viren looked confused. “I don’t know the area well… but I do know it is not the year of the rabbit. At least not where I am from. How did you get here?”

Brushing the last few flakes of dust off his shoulders Astiel spoke.“Tis a long tale that is best told on safer ground. I owe you a life-debt that my code dictates I fulfill. If you accept I will guard your life till the code is thus satisfied.”

“I could use an extra hand or two… Do you know much about sailing?” As he spoke the words he smiled a bit. “If not it would be my pleasure to teach! We had better catch up with my friends before we get left behind.”

“I hail from Aerenal so I hath traveled many a ship across the open sea. Before we continue I must give my oath to bind our pact.”

Viren nodded. “Alright, lets do that quick before we head back.”

Astiel knelt down pressing two fingers on his forehead. “From here out I pledge my life to yours until the code is satisfied. Any action you deem necessary I will complete without question or hesitation.” Astiel grabbed his sword and cut his left hand and offered it to Viren to shake.

After they shook hands Astiel stood up and put his gauntlet back on. “It is done. Know that if you have me do an act that breaks the code, it will be done, but I may have to kill you after I am released. Now let us find your comrades with haste.”


Astiel Champion to House Vol

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