Viren Icarus d'Lyrandar

Captain of the Crimson Meridian



Race: Half-Elf
Age: 35
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 136
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Fair


Str: 14
Dex: 22
Con: 15
Int: 19
Wis: 8
Cha: 16


Rapier of Puncturing (+2 Wounding Rapier)
+1 Composite Longbow (Force, Precise, Seeking, auto-adjust to str mod)

Cresa Points

T1: Initiative +1 (group 1)
T2: Practiced Infuser
T3: Evasion
T1: Fire Resistance 2
T2: Weapon Proficiency (Longbow)
T1: Learn Sylvan (group 3)
T1: CMB / CMD +1
T2: Constitution +1
T1: Remove Fatigue (group 5)


Viren Icarus d’Lyrandar

Born to two Khorovars (Half-Elves) in Oakbridge (Middle Northedge district of Sharn). Viren grew up with good family ties. Lohnen, Viren’s father, is the brother of Daintain d’Lyrandar and the nephew of Solia d’Lyrandar (viceroy of House Lyrandar in Sharn). Daintain never really liked his brother though, so Viren really never got to know his uncle. Lohnen thinks it is because of the life he chose for himself, the life of a craftsmen. Growing up Viren spent most of his time in his fathers shop, helping out in any way he could find. As Viren grew older his father noticed that his son had become interested in sculpting. After this discovery Lohnen added sculptures to the inventory of his shop. Viren practiced sculpting and even got some money for the sculptures of his that were sold.

When Viren was age 14 the Mark of Storm had manifested itself on the boys chest. At once Lohnen went to Solia to talk about Virens future. It was decided that Viren would stop working at his fathers shop and begin working on jobs through House Lyrandar. A few years, and a many successful jobs (including one cargo run that was ambushed by pirates) later Viren was approached once again by his great aunt Solia, and was asked to begin training as an elite warrior of House Lyrandar and become a Storm Sentry. But Virens training would be cut short when his dragonmark grew. After the mark had grown Viren was approached by his aunt again. Only this time it was to ask him to try piloting wind galleons and airships. Virens passion was clearly flying airships, he did many good things for the House.

Within a year Viren found himself Captain of the Crimson Meridian. A few months after he received his captains papers House Lyrandar loosened the leash they had on the ship and gave Viren the privilege to take it anywhere he felt it was needed. Viren continued to do good works and flew several successful voyages into the jungles of Xen’drik, a handful of missions across Khorvaire and even made it to Sarlona once.

On one of his most recent missions he picked up a party who needed to get into Dragun. This party was not like the others he had picked up, this party was primarily Shifters. Just after leaving Sharn Viren’s crew found another passenger on board, this one appeared to be more feline then the others of the Shifter party. While meeting with the adventuring group and the extra passenger it was discovered that the Shifters had nothing to do with the extra passenger. The passenger agreed to help on the ship, mainly because the only other option was to jump over board. Night had fallen on the second day of the trip and as usual Viren and the crew went to bed for the night. It was time for the first mate to earn his keep. Hours into the night Viren was woken by the voice of the elemental in the airship. The elemental told Viren the first mate was flying to low and close to the ground. When Viren finally got up to the helm he commanded the first mate to take them up a few hundred feet. On his way back to his quarters, while his eyes were still adjusting to the night sky, he noticed a form appear a short distance from the bow. Viren swiftly took the wheel and veered to the port side, it almost seemed to be a lost cause at the time. But the elemental confirmed that they had narrowly missed the mountain.

After dropping off the Shifters just outside of Wyverynskull, the Crimson Meridian turned around to head back to Sharn to pick up another group of adventurers and stock up on supplies. Once again the crew found the feline passenger, only this time she was in one of the hammocks playing with the rope. So to keep the crew happy Viren made sure that she didn’t get in the crews area again, he requested that she rest in his quarters on a spare bedroll. Viren and the feline quickly became friends on the voyage back to Sharn.

Viren Icarus d'Lyrandar

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