A blood-sucking demon from the age of giants.


Vritra is a demon who was alive during the age of giants. During that time, he pursued a band of elves fleeing Xen’drick in conjunction with the shadow Gorn.

Vritra’s back is adorned with two raven’s wings, which he used for flight. His eyes are small, black and beady and contrast with his faint, almost rosy skin.

Elemental binders and House Llyrandar summoned a demon as a new means of propulsion for the airship Exortania. Vritra was the demon summoned. While the experiment was a success in that the airship moved, Vritra and the Exortania merged into a single body with the PCs inside.

After merging with the Exortania, Vritra performed a ritual from the Age of Giants to summon The Tarrasque to destroy Khorvaire.


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