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  • Nixie's Grace

    An upscale tavern in [[Sharn]]. Tavern only--not an inn. The establishment has two levels, with private rooms running along the second floor walkway which looks down on a performing stage. [[:gorvic]] owns Nixie's Grace, and he runs it well. He stocks …

  • The Edge

    A bookstore and front for [[House Tarkanan]] in the lower wards of Sharn. Run by a little old man. Decimated by a construct which used the nearby papers as its own body. PCs fled.

  • Jimmy Crack-Eye

    Jimmy is an old man with one good eye. His bad eye is a cracked glass eye with a shallow crack in it. The mar continually cuts his eyelid, causing a perpetual wound which pusses and oozes. Is capable of getting PCs poison, and knows [[:erin]]. He has a …

  • Gorvic

    Owner of [[Nixie's Grace]] in [[Sharn]]. He buys fine, exotic and magical wine from around the world.

  • Trellmael

    A gnome who could not pay for her Remove Disease spell cast by [[:freya-stormshard]] at the Church of the North Winds. To absolve the debt, she agreed to work for [[:Bodok]]. The price has since been paid, but she continues her service at the church.

  • Dremalk

    A half-elf and follower of the Dark Six. A disagreeable prick. Passed some information on to [[:freya-stormshard]].

  • Kinswell d'Jorasco

    A middle-aged halfling man who runs the House Jorasco asylum in Sharn. He is a corrupt individual who is willing to sell scrolls of Raise Dead at exorbitant prices.

  • Lady Valaria

    High ranking member of House Tarkanan. Has hired PCs on numerous occasions, the last time to visit Sarlona to learn about the breeding of the Inspired. Devoted to House Tarkanan, and thinks about little else. Personal home a mess of arcane and occult …

  • Ma'am Evyln

    Has the hots for [[:Aarson]], and enjoys pinching his butt. Can enchant armor so it appears as different sets of clothes. Capable seamstress and can make many types of clothes and garments.

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