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  • Chaku

    A member of the Cabinet of Faces. Lead PCs on a cryptic chase via letters through Sharn. Let up on PCs so they could focus on fighting the Tarrasque. Killed (once) by PCs while in the Llazarh Principalities.

  • Alaira Valarin

    Marrried to [[:rumeron-valarin | Rumeron Valarin]]. Mother of [[:larina-valarin | Larina]], [[:taral-valarin | Taral]], and [[:serin-valarin | Serin]]. Killed in battle during the last war.

  • Heralar

    Becomes [[:larina-valarin | Larina's]] sword master at the age of 595. Passed away at the age of 621.

  • Gorbar

    Teaches [[:larina-valarin | Larina]] the art of sworddancing while in Valenar. Gives her a second scimitar as parting gift.

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