Divine Seal Abilities

Once achieving Divine Rank 0, you may begin applying seal points toward becoming a more powerful god.

The requirements for spending Cresa on divine abilities are different than spending them on mortal abilities. To establish a portfolio, you do not need any other abilities other than being a divine rank 0 deity. You may buy one salient divine ability per portfolio, and each salient divine ability must be tied to one of your existing portfolio(s) or be a universal ability open to any portfolio. These are divine uses of Cresa and do not require you to have a certain number of 1st or 2nd level abilities.

Establish a Portfolio – 5 Seal Points
Establish one portfolio, such as chivalry, elves, vanity, hunting, zeal, discipline, minstrels, etc.
You automatically sense any event relating to your portfolio affecting five thousand or more people.
Pick or create a domain related to the portfolio. You gain the domain’s granted ability usable once per day (or twice per day if you already have the domain).
You grant clerics who worship you access to spells in your domains. You may use each spell you grant 1/day as a spell-like ability.

Guidelines for Creating a Domain

Gain a Salient Divine Ability – 3 Seal Points
Gain a salient divine ability. It must be tied to a portfolio you have or be an ability available to any portfolio. (Note: prerequisites may not be met with magic items)
If you have access to domains (for example: being a cleric) you may select a Salient Divine Ability in line with one of your domains).
URL: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/divine/divineAbilitiesFeats.htm#salientDivineAbilities
This is a divine use of Cresa and does not require you to have a certain number of 1st or 2nd level abilities.

Divine Seal Abilities

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