Epic Level Advancement

To make epic levels more epic-y, each level your character takes above 20th will be treated a bit differently than in any book.

Follow the epic level hand book for attack and save bonuses.
Each level, you do not automatically gain any class abilities gained at that level.
Abilities based on class level, such as lay on hands, turn undead, caster level, still increase and look at your class level. What’s key is to look at the line in your class description—if you gained an ability only once 15 levels ago, odds are it’ll get better. Abilities like Remove Disease and Sneak Attack which are gained at a set rate but listed separately in the classes’ ability line are not automatically improved.

Every level above 21st you gain a bonus feat. This feat may be spent to gain all those class abilities you would normally gain for that level. Or it may be spent on a feat. You may ‘go back’ and gain the abilities of a level later if you skip them at the time you’d normally gain them.

You continue to gain a feat every 3 levels; this means you gain two feats at levels 21, 24, etc.

Here’s a new feat to help you qualify for better epic feats:
Great Skill (Epic feat)
Gain two ranks in a skill. This feat allows you to increase your maximum ranks in that skill by two. You may take this feat multiple times; its effects stack.

Spellcasting continues to improve, following the natural progression for your class.

Epic Level Advancement

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