Guidelines for Creating a Domain

To create a domain, you’ll choose 9 spells, set them at levels 1 through 9, and create a domain power. These spells and ability will be granted to your clerics who worship you and select the domain.

Alternatively, you may select or modify an existing domain.

The domain must be associated with one or more of your portfolios. The spells and ability must be tied, thematically, to the domain and your portfolio.

Guidelines for nailing down a portfolio
This is the broad category you hold sway over. Even people who do not worship you likely want your favor when beginning this specific endeavor (if they know of you). If you’re still having trouble…

  • Choose an activity (fighting, gambling, loving, farming, etc.)
  • Choose an emotion (rage, serenity, confusion, etc)
  • Choose an occupation (merchants, slaves, blacksmiths, glassblowers, etc.)

Guidelines for selecting spells

  • Use at least 5 cleric spells. Up to 4 spells can be druid/ranger/wizard/etc. spells.
  • Sometimes, you’ll need to bump a spell up or down a level from ‘normal’ to use only one spell of each level. Do not go more than one level up or down from the cleric normal.
  • When selecting non-cleric spells, they should never be at a lower level than the normal class receives. They should be the first bumped up a level.
  • Not every spell on your spell list will be an all-star. I expect to see a mix of spells which are good and spells which are narrow and only present for the domain theme.
  • Look at the Spell Compendium for spell ideas.

Guideline for Modifying a Domain

  • Remove up to 4 spells from an existing domain and add spells from similar classes in their place.

Guidelines for Creating a Domain Granted Power

  • Its power should be about as powerful as a feat (it even can even BE a feat)
  • The power should always be active or usable once a day (exception: turning a specific creature type, usable 3 + Cha modifier times per day)
  • The power should not need to allow a saving throw
  • The power should directly help you or your allies or harm your opponents
  • Normally it will require an attack or standard action
  • Look at existing domains for inspiration.

Guidelines for Creating a Domain

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