Phrenic Creature

Psi-Like Abilities (Sp)
A phrenic creature possesses the psi-like abilities indicated below, depending on its Hit Dice. The abilities are cumulative. Unless otherwise noted, an ability is usable once per day. Manifester level is equal to the creature’s HD. The save DCs for a phrenic creature’s psi-like abilities are Charisma-based.

HD Abilities
19-20 1/day—ultrablast
21+ 1/year-Bend reality

Special Qualities
A phrenic creature has all the special qualities of the base creature, plus the following special qualities.

Naturally Psionic
A phrenic creature gains 1 bonus power point per HD.

Increase from the base creature as follows: Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +4.

A phrenic creature gains two psionic feats.

Phrenic Creature

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